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I was really nervous about it but with four other kids to care for I needed to be functional. That baby is now a healthy and happy 5 year old. I understand your feelings. I too am on mg Zoloft.

We are currently TTC and I discussed it with both my psychiatrist and my obstetrician and they both agreed that it was better for me in my situation to stay on meds throughout the pregnancy and breast feeding period. I would recommend talking to your psych again and getting their opinion. All the best OP. I know too well the crippling effects of anxiety and depression.

It helped my anxiety tremendously. I started seeing a psychiatrist and he put me on Zoloft but a very small dose sorry can't remember how much. TBH I can't remember it making me feel a whole lot better and I ended up leaving work at 20 weeks just to get through the pregnancy. As previously mentioned, Chambers CD, et.

Symptoms were persistent for 48 hours and subsided over next few days [11]. In contrast to the above case report, Hendrick V et. Physicians Desk Reference 57th ed. Placental passage of antidepressant medications. Pregnancy outcome in women who use sertraline. Kulin NA, et al: Pregnancy outcome following maternal use of the new selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors: If it helps you, take it, especially if your doctor thinks it is worth it.

I have taken the drug the entire time I was pregnant both times, and while I nursed. My first child was born perfectly fine and has continued to have no ill effects. I did my research since I have been on other antidepressants and I switched to Zoloft when I started trying initially to get pregnant. You need to be healthy and at your "mental" best to get through your pregnancy and especially to take care of a newborn.

I stopped taking it when I found out I was pregnant because I was afraid of the risks. However, as I'm starting my third trimester my depression symptoms are back in full force and my doctor told me to start taking Zoloft again. I am taking the medication now and will continue to take as long as I need it. It worked before my pregnancy and it's working now.

It's very important for you to be healthy and happy while carrying your baby. As yet, the impact of this on human fertility has not been observed. To monitor maternal-fetal outcomes of pregnant women exposed to antidepressant therapy, a National Pregnancy Registry for Antidepressants has been established.

Healthcare providers are encouraged to prospectively register patients. Drugs which, owing to their pharmacological effects, have caused or may be suspected of causing, harmful effects on the human fetus or neonate without causing malformations.

These effects may be reversible. Accompanying texts should be consulted for further details. The US FDA has amended the pregnancy labeling rule for prescription drug products to require labeling that includes a summary of risk, a discussion of the data supporting that summary, and relevant information to help health care providers make prescribing decisions and counsel women about the use of drugs during pregnancy. This drug should be used during pregnancy only if the potential benefit outweighs the potential risk to the fetus, taking into account the risks of untreated depression.

AU TGA pregnancy category: Malformative risk is unlikely when given during the first trimester.

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100mg zoloft pregnantRead More zoloft is the most studied anti depressant 100mg take while pregnant. Most antidepressants these days have all been proven safe for baby, 100mg zoloft pregnant. So i decided enough is enough and i made an appt, went to see a doctor and 100mg said sounds like a case of ocd. Use of sertraline during pregnancy has been reported to cause symptoms compatible with withdrawal reactions in neonates whose mothers had taken sertraline. I took an antidepressant during pregnancy with no adverse outcomes. Sertraline may be taken with or without food. Read More if you have been on ativan for awhile the side zoloft of withdraw according to my drug book, i'm an RN may include tremors, nausea, vomiting, abdominal and muscle cramps. Your doctor may pregnant change your dose. I spoke with the physciatrist, OB, pediatrician and did all the research, and also decided this was the best thing to continue. I was on Zoloft for about 5 months at a max dosage of mg. Development of tametraline was soon stopped because of undesired stimulant effects observed in animals. There are no zoloft data in human pregnancy, 100mg zoloft pregnant.

What Are The Side Effects Of Sertraline?

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